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I am unsure if anyone uses these Forums anymore but if they do that would be awesome for some input.
I have a mk5 Jetta TDI, Engine Code BRM
I have a crank no start issue, motor & turbo have been fully rebuilt down to the crankshaft.

Fuel system: is perfect, brand new lift pump, deleted the fuel cooler, new fuel filter, valleys in fuel filter cap working properly, tandem pump is putting out enough PSI, Injectors are getting fuel
Intake system: Maf Threw no codes of VCDS, Turbo actuator is new
EGR: deleted and tuned out with Flashzilla tune (previous owner) i did uninstall and reinstall to make sure it was properly flashed.
ECM: the only code i have is for the aux heater in the cabin malfunctioned, in reading this is common but would not prevent the engine from starting

Im at a stand still, i have done every test i know how to do. fuel + Air = Exhaust LOL its not that hard.
any advice? Anyone still use these forums?
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