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Just so you know Passat TDi has its own issues. I own one and this what I have done to it till now:
Replaced cams and lifters
Replaced turbo
Replaced many leaking gaskets
Sunroof drains cleaning every year
Water leaks chase down and found it comes from the cabin filter housing
Replaced transmission. To get the car back on the road quickly I replaced it with an auto
With auto the mileage isn’t as good. Max is 35MPG with a light foot
Replaced intercooler piping
Replaced ABS Controller
Replaced both front fenders due to rust issues (stupid foam inserts cause this)
Replaced both front seat due to rips in leather (that’s how I bought it). But that was due to aesthetics.
Replaced brake master cylinder
Replaced turbo oil feed pipe
Replaced intake manifold (could have cleaned the OEM but got a good deal on a new OEM one)
Replaced throttle body
1 - 2 of 14 Posts