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Hey guys...completely new to tdi's but not to vw....i had a few air cooled vws in my day and worked for vw in the body shop side of things...so not unfamilar but new to this car.
At any rate...got the car for a really good deal (cost me a dollar lol) so it had been sitting for a couple years....supposedly was in a accident but repaired (a horrible repair at that) so i started tinkering with it...had to replace crank sensor,abs sensor,coolant sensor because of field animals wanting to nest in it...fixed the air bag codes...i dont like them dam lights on my dashboard...so got it running...with the exception of the o2 codes...(havent got to them yet) she runs great...so the headliner was dropping down so i pulled it out and painted it...i live in tenneessee so the sun is brutal on headliners and materials..added a new stero system and upgraded wheels to 17" with sum dunlops...so just as i was starting to enjoy the car...the dreaded transmission failure got me...uuggghhhhh!!!...so now im looking at the 5 speed manual swap...and while im deep into the car i might as well do the timing belt and balance shaft delete.
So sorry for the long intro...i love the forum...you guys have a great spot and ive learned alot...
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