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2005 Passat TDI Oil Pump/Harmonic Balancer

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I just purchased a few weeks ago an 05 Passat TDI.
First VW I've owened and man do part prices ever hurt!
Anyway, just finished installing a set of Raxles.

Next is the timing belt.

I'm curious though about the apparent design flaw in the pump mechanism.
Is it better to just leave it alone and hope for the best or does it make sense to be proactive and change the balancer over to the gear type?

I tried viewing the how to page, but since I haven't yet made a post, I'm not allowed to see the final part of the replacement procudeure ....

All advise welcome.

Thanks, Troy
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I would proactively change it. It's a pain but once you do it, you eliminate the only major design issue other than worn camshafts. There are cars out there that seem to be OK but my guess is that the more miles they get the more likely they will have this problem.
Thanks Chitty:
I've done so much work on this car recently though ... I just want to get it on the road now.
I'm a driveway mechanic and with the weather being what it is here in Ontario, I'm gonna have to call time on this project soon.
The oil pum will have to wait.
Is the only place to purchase the pump from VW or are their other aftermarket vendors for this fix?
(P.S. please read my latest post regarding sinking brake pedal issue)
The only places I've seen it for sale other than dealers are the 3 links in the writeup.

Post moved to mk4 section since it went beyond an introduction.
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