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2005 Passat AC cooling issue

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Hi THere
New to the forum, bought a 2005 passat wagon 2.0tdi and when summer came around last year found the ac not cooling very well. Fan is working fine however there is very little cold air coming through, looked around the net and there seem to be issues with the ac units, any input as to where I should start looking?
VW can check the charge of the refridgerant and look for a leak, what about the clutch on the ac? Would like to get this in order before the hot weather arrives. Thanks.
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You should be able to feel if the clutch is engaging or not. The car is drive by wire so you won't feel much drag on the accelerator pedal. The car can compensate for that.

Low AC is normally a low system. Overfilling or a non functional clutch/compressor can also cause low AC.
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