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2005 Golf TDI, TCM Fried

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My 16-year-old bought this car as his first. He got a pretty good deal on it with a burnt up TCM, we're going to have a bunch of questions and this forum has always been a huge help.

Previous owner had the TCM burn up on them, they purchased a new one and had a local mechanic install it but nobody bothered to look for why it burned up. So we have two burnt TCMS.

We are looking for a new TCM, we are assuming as long as the part numbers match exactly that it will be plug and play and not require any sort of reprogramming or anything? I have found a few exact matching but they're not real pretty.

Before we install it we believe we have a significant short somewhere in the system that we're going to have to track down. Wondering if there are any typical locations or issues to check for? I'm pretty handy with these things but finding an electrical short can be a nightmare if anyone has any pointers. Also if there is a good source for diagrams that I can download?

2005 golf TDI, manufacturer date, July 27th 2005, 5 speed automatic, transmission code GPC.
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Gonna assume we're talkin 2 burnt units same car. Yes, exact part no. will play. But unless the burnt TCMs are the result of an incident, you need to sort the wires/connects (could be almost anywhere).
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