The car has right around 275,000 miles on it and has been parked for the last 4 years. It was parked because it was losing coolant...I'm assuming it need a new head gasket. I believe I remember the heat exchanger for the transmission fluid drips fluid. The electronic trunk release button stopped working and needs the key to unlock the trunk. I believe that the passenger rear door doesn't lock when using the electronic locks. There is bubbling of the paint by all 4 wheel wells, at least 2 door handles, and the license plate. I'm assuming that the pads have rusted tight to the rotors since it hasn't moved in so long. I know the tires that are on the car still have a decent amount of tread.

What other pictures do you want to see? I saved some in my google drive because I have not reduced the file size to post here. Here are the pictures on google drive. I want to take pictures of the inside and under the hood when I get time in the next couple days. I can add more pictures if you ask to see anything.

1.9 TDI
Automatic transmission - no problems
There are no cracks in the glass

It comes with an extra set of rims that have Firestone Winterforce tires mounted on them.
It comes with a Thule bike rack (I don't know if I know where the key is).
I have both ignition keys and the owner's manual.
Weathertech floor mats for the rear seats...
Original mats for the front. I had weathertech mats for the front, but they were for 2012 and are not the same clips to hold the mats down. I would need to look for those.
Nothing has been modified in the engine during it's entire life. It has the complete stock exhaust. All of the panels, hood, trunk, and roof are straight.

Since it has been sitting, I have put mouse poison (and dryer sheets) in the cab and trunk. Every now and then some poison has been eaten. It has been replaced more in summer due to the sun/heat. It does have a smell inside the car.