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Volkswagen MK5 "how to" index for 2005.5, 2006, 2009, 2010 VW Jetta TDI sedan and wagon

Looking for a used 2005.5-2006 Jetta TDI? Read 1000q: early mk5 Jetta buying guide
Looking to buy a 2009-2010 VW Jetta TDI sedan? See: Buying guide for the 2010 Jetta TDI diesel page 1
This article shows what they changed from 2009 to 2010 on the Jetta sedan, wagon, and mk5-mk6 differences: 1000q: 2009 vs 2010 updates revisions and differences.
Looking to buy a 2009-2011 VW Jetta sportwagen? See 1000q: TDI wagon buying guide.
Interested in the Audi A3 clean diesel TDI? See video reviews and a factory tour at1000q: Buying guide for the 2010-2013 Audi A3 TDI

updated Sept 15, 2013


2005-2006 BRM pumpe duse Jetta TDI engine timing belt change part 1: removal replace at 80,000 miles
2005-2006 BRM pumpe duse Jetta TDI engine timing belt job part 2: installation (exclusive content section, please join our community for free to view)
2009-2010 CBEA/CJAA timing belt replacement part 1: removal replace at 120,000 miles
2009-2010 CBEA/CJAA timing belt replacement part 2: installation (exclusive content section, please join our community for free to view)
Pumpe duse engine camshaft lobe wear inspection
How to remove PD TDI fuel injectors (please join our forums to view)
How to remove PD TDI fuel inj #2
Adjusting camshaft timing to fix a rough idle or hard engine start (2005.5-2006 only)
Hard or no starting in cold temperatures after having the glow plug recall done
Water pump change
Coolant system flush
(without changing the water pump)
Thermostat removal and replacement (2010+ CJAA engines only)
Fuel filter change (20,000 miles or as needed, for 2005.5-2006 Jetta TDI with BRM engine)
Fuel filter change (20,000 miles or as needed, for 2009+ VW Jetta, Golf, Audi A3 TDI with CBEA or CJAA engine)
Fuel filter change (for 2009+ models, for type #3 one hole filter only)
Engine oil change for 2005.5-2006 VW Jetta TDI (10,000 miles or as needed)
Engine oil change for 2009-2012 TDI (10,000 miles or as needed)
Engine oil change for 2009-2012 TDI using an oil extractor from the top (10,000 miles or as needed)
Oil filter assembly and turbo high pressure oil line removal (2009+ engine only)
Air filter replacement and air filter housing removal (40,000 miles or as needed)
TDI EGR valve FAQ (exhaust gas recirculation valve)
Leaking EGR coolant hose replacement
Intake manifold, EGR, intake valve, and intake swirl flap removal (2009+ engine only)
Broken passenger side motor mount repair
EZ-engine cover removal (forum)
Boost or vacuum leak check
Immobilizer general information ,troubleshooting, procedures
Keyless entry FAQ and programming new keys/remotes, replacing the battery
MAF technical info (mass air flow sensor FAQ and part numbers)
MAF (mass air flow sensor) troubleshooting and replacement procedures

Diagnosing and fixing limp mode (sudden loss of power while driving)
Diagnose and fix low or no power (constant low power and can't rev high)
Engine hesitation and turbo surging response on mk5 Jetta TDI
Turbo removal (CBEA/CJAA engine 2009+)
EGR cooler removal (CBEA/CJAA engine 2009+)
HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) and common rail removal and replacement (CBEA/CJAA engine 2009+)
More about pumpe duse vs common rail vs direct injection
Starter troubleshooting and replacement
Alternator troubleshooting, pulley replacement, and voltage regulator repair
Turbo upgrade guide for TDI (comparison chart)
Clutch hydraulic fluid flush (every 2 years for manual transmission regardless of mileage)
How to remove and replace the battery or battery shelf (there's a corner which catches on a wire)
Battery part number reference
Rear main seal replacement
Engine runaway FAQ (rare problem where the engine races on its own due to mechanical malfunction)
Stripped glow plug thread repair
How to repair broken plastic vacuum nipple
Random coolant hose replacement (forum link)
Radiator fan (air conditioning fan) removal and repair
Air conditioning AC compressor control solenoid repair (forum link)

Car Detailing

Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
Wax stain removal - remove white stains on the trim
Paint chip repair
Small scratch removal


Brake tips and busting big brake myths
Replacing the struts, springs and mounts
Flushing the brake fluid (also clutch fluid, should be done every 2 years regardless of mileage)
How to paint the brake calipers (shown on Audi A3 TDI but Jetta and Golf are similar)
How to change the rear brake pads and rotors
Adjustment of parking brake lever (these tend to be on the tight side)

Wheel / tire / gearing calculator

VW TDI specific tire size and wheel offset calculator - also shows fender clearance, offset, and final drive calculator


DIY pressure brake/clutch bleeder
TDI clutch and flywheel general FAQ
Removing the 5 speed manual transmission
DSG transmission removal
DSG transmission FAQ
DSG filter + fluid service (every 40,000 miles)
Changing the manual transmission gear oil (fill hole is too low)
Dual mass flywheel and clutch removal
Manual transmission shifter cable adjustment
Dieselgeek short shifter installation and review (5 speed 2005.5-2006)
Dieselgeek sigma 6 short shifter installation (6 speed 2009-2010)

VAG COM (now called VCDS) modifications for the VW Jetta

How to reset or extend the "service now" or wrench symbol indicator light on the mk5 Jetta
How to reset the memory seat function or enable easy entry/exit seat setting
How to reset window pinch protection and steering wheel sensor adaptation
How to adjust the amount of electric power steering assist (2005.5-2006 models only)
Correcting a fast speedometer on Jetta, Golf, or Rabbit reading high
Correcting an inaccurate fuel economy mpg gauge
Activating comfort window function for 2005-2009 (opens/closes the windows using the remote key fob)
Activating comfort window function for 2010 (they changed it for 2010)
Auto close windows-sunroof when it rains (you must have auto wipers-headlights for this function)
Enabling emergency brake light flashing (flashes on the brake or hazard lights when ABS is activated)
4 high beams on at the same time (xenon HID headlights only)
Disable the door open chime (2005-2009 cars)
How to shut off the door open reminder chime
(2010 cars)
All doors open with single press of the remote key fob and other handy VCDS tweaks in the convenience module (without a highline instrument cluster)

Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and interior electrics

RNS-510 in dash GPS system FAQ (OEM VW GPS touchscreen navigation system 2009+)
RNS 315 OEM in-dash GPS system information (smaller touchscreen system on 2010+, can swap into earlier cars)
MFD2 in dash GPS system FAQ (VW GPS system 2005-2009)
MFD2 software flash update CD (version 50)
Multi Function Steering Wheel and paddle shifter swap FAQ
MFD+ (full screen multifunction display) FAQ and menu options explained
Color MFD+ retrofit (2010 only)
Bluetooth FAQ for mk5 and mk6 VW Jetta sedans, wagons, and Golf
9w7 bluetooth retrofit and features (for 2010 only)
Fiscon E MFA installation (aftermarket gauge package)
How to install a homelink remote for your garage in your Jetta or Golf center console
How to add a hidden display for Valentine (V1) radar detector in the dashboard
ipod adapter, aux in, and mp3 player adapter cable compatibility chart and retrofit
OEM ipod dock cable installation
Gentex Auto dimming mirror installation
OEM auto dimming mirror and auto rain wiper/auto headlight sensor retrofit
How to remove the instrument cluster, replace the gauge faces, move the speedometer needle, or dim the high beam LED light
How to swap your mk5 style premium 7 radio or MFD2 GPS for a mk6 style premium 8 radio or RNS315/RNS510
How to remove the radio or OEM GPS
How to remove the ignition switch or lock cylinder
OEM backup camera installation on a Golf
Dashboard camera (dashcam) hardwire installation
How to retrofit OEM VW HID headlights from GTI/GLI onto your VW Jetta TDI
How to add OEM HID to your 2010 Jetta (uses mk6 electronics so also see above article)
How to change the halogen or xenon HID headlight bulbs
How to install OEM style foglights
How to use the foglights as daytime running lights or disable the daytime running lights
How to install a Euro switch (and what a euroswitch is)
What the european parking light feature is (or why the "headlights on" chime is on even though the headlights are off)
Accessing the climatronic menu (for dual zone auto climate control only)
How to add a fuse or new circuit to the fusebox


What the part numbers mean and how to decode them in the Volkswagen part numbering system in ETKA
How to remove the front bumper
How to remove or install the "thunderbunny" VW Jetta TDI cup edition front bumper and grille
Interior door panel (door card) removal
Exterior door skin removal
Broken door wiring harness
How to swap in power and/or heated seats
How to remove the front and rear seats
How to disassemble VW, Audi seats
How to add door open warning lights (substitute puddle lights)
How to repair/replace the sunroof switch or remove overhead console
Headliner removal and replacement (from sagging fabric)
How to remove the center console
window regulator clip motor replacement (for mk4 but same basic idea)
Aspheric (blind spot), convex, and flat - mirror replacement and repair FAQ
Turn signal and side view mirror cover replacement and repair
Side marker removal (the one on the bumper)
How to paint the emblem and grille black or body color
Cabin air filter replacement (replace every 30,000 miles)
How to use a torque wrench and torque wrench FAQ
Adding soundproofing to your car and introduction to soundproofing theory
Coolant migration symptoms and solutions
5th gear swap - for manual transmission only, lowers rpm in 5th gear (2005.5-2006 only)
5th gear installation by audijim
OEM VW/Audi wheel picture gallery, part numbers, and specs
Wheel alignment specifications table
Tips and tricks for the mechanic
Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior
How to compression test the TDI engine
MK4 vs MK5 differences - 4th vs. 5th gen differences
Making wood blocks to raise the car
Jack stand lift points on mk5 Jetta
fender rolling to fit larger wheels
light bulb replacement reference table
Touch up paint code reference table

More general diesel and TDI FAQ and technical articles at 1000 answered questions: index
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