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Hi all,
Excellent forum. I purchased a 2004 Passat back in November of 2009 w/79,000 miles on it. Haven’t done much driving, only added 2,000 miles since. It's a beautiful car with lots of power.
However, I noticed that with this car I only get about 35mpg highway and 30 mpg for in-town driving, compared to other TDI's with 45/40 mpg. Is this typical?
I've already replaced air/fuel filters and oil changed w/Mobile1 Turbo-Diesel 5w-40 oil.
Any recommendations and/or opinions appreciated.


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There's no way you're getting 45/40 mpg with a Passat in mixed driving. If I try hard I can get about 44 highway driving 60-70 mph. Normal mixed driving is in the 30s which is what you're getting. The Passat is a heavier car, is automatic only (hurts mpg), and has a different engine. Tires and tire inflation have an effect on ride quality (makes more of a difference in a quiet car like the Passat) and mpg too.

Also look through the new owner's checklist in the FAQ to bring the car up to maintenance. There are some issues that your car may have including the recalled glow plug recall and worn oil pumps.
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