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2004 BSM Tools available?

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CCBB, while doing my homework prior to tackling the BSM upgrade, I was reading your notes on the job and you mentioned that you rent out the specialty tools. Are they currently available? Whats the cost and how long do I "rent" them for?
Let me know how this works.
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Sure, the cost is currently $75 for 2 weeks plus shipping. The original price I paid for all this was about $500 after shipping+tax. Every week after that is half that. Here is what's included, currently available. Plus, T10392 is already pre-modded to fit the engine. You may also want to use the timing belt tools which are only $28.

Here is a link to the tool rental page with more details. It's not yet live yet because I haven't taken pics of the mk3 tools but everything else is there.

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