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2004 BEW PD, VNT-17, Malone Stage 4.

I recently replaced the failed VNT controller, about two weeks ago. This cleared up all the issues causing codes. I cleared the codes right after determining the new VNT controller was good, and all was well otherwise, using VCDS. VCDS continues to report no codes.

ELSAwin lays out the process for resetting Readiness, after all issues causing DTCs are repaired, and all DTCs cleared. I've followed this procedure.

I cannot get Readiness to report all is well. The Readiness for EGR continues to report "Missing or Incomplete". There are no codes reported.

With no codes to chase, I have no idea what to look for to get EGR Readiness to report "Passed".

-----<help request>-----
Any thoughts or guidance?
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