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2003 Jetta TDI due for 100k TB change

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Hello. I'm trying to decide whether to tackle changing the timing belt myself or have a shop do it. I feel like the price of ~$900 to have it changed seems a little steep, but this shop may be the only one I trust to do it. The mechanic that will do the work has an excellent reputation with VW repair.

I don't doubt my ability to do it, but I have never changed a timing belt on anything, so I am not real sure what I would be getting myself into.
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The first step is to doubt your ability to do it so that caution lets you to prepare thoroughly. Just read the instructions here until you understand them, have all the tools ready, and you should be fine. $900 isn't horrible if it's the out the door price including all fluids, disposal fees, tax, etc. The water pump should also be changed so you should drain/refill the coolant while you're in there. Make sure the price includes that too and not just the TB change.

The advantage of DIY is that you know everything was done correctly. For example, the motor mount bolts are often not replaced which may cause the engine mount to strip and let the engine fall.
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