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We are selling our gold 2002 TDI Jetta Wagon, asking $2000
-automatic transmission is original and working well. ATF and filter were changed regularly.
-sunroof works fine
-335,000 miles (mostly highway) last timing belt at 275,000 (done by a shop)
-runs well, we bought the car in 2011 with 140,000 miles on it.
-Michelin tires from costco with ten thousand miles on them. prior sets of tires and these have always worn evenly.
-No oil leaks, a new valve cover, newer rear shocks and most (probably all) of the vacuum lines and vacuum solenoids. 1 y.o. battery,
-The exterior is in great shape for the age.
-no accidents as far as I know or can tell.
-turbo actuator (new but not installed). I bought the limp mode kit but didn't need all the parts of the kit.
-The right cv drive axle was recently replaced.
-The car will probably need a new front right wheel bearing installed soon. I bought the bearing but haven’t installed it.
-Cloth seats are pretty worn with a rip in the passenger seat but are still comfortable .
-The latch on the glovebox is broken but still opens and closes.
-the window control buttons on the drivers side are also broken but still function with difficulty.
-The headliner is sagging.
-the rear middle seatbelt doesn't work.
-various cosmetic plastic parts on the interior have broken
-I was going to have the transmission swapped for manual when it died but it never died. I think it would be a good candidate for a tranny
swap despite the mileage. I believe the tranny lasted this long due to mostly highway miles and regular atf changes...or luck
-comes with 3 quarts of new atf oil and transmission filter, 3 oil filters, 2 fuel filters, a cabin filter, air filter, extra used parts unecessarily changed (n75 solenoid, maf sensor,) trailer bike hitch for not used for long due to rubbing on dips, rosstech vagcom cord, rubber floor mats.
-The car now has a new air filter and fuel filter installed. The oil has another 3,000 miles to go before being changed and the cabin filter is still pretty new
so I just knocked the dust off it.
-no accidents, carfax from before we bought it 9 years ago and none since
-full size never used (no cracks) matching michelin spare, topped off to 35psi (but with steel rim)
-hose for window washer is broken, now working but often comes off
-Rear wheel camber has never been alignable to specs since we have had the car but it hasn't affected the tire wear or handling
-rear hatch only opens with the key button, the one on the door doesn't work
-I have all the receipts
-it usually gets 42mpg driving 65 mph and I've always used synthetic oil @10,000 mile interval.

The car is located in Santa Barbara County but will be taking trip to the bay area soon. Photos can be seen on craigslist santa barbara or emailed
We are selling this car because we have purchased a newer 2011 jetta tdi wagon with low mileage and just bought a low mileage prius.
thank you
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