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2002 Jetta TDI boost issues

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So, I have an interesting sound when I'm driving my Jetta above 2000 rpm.

I've uploaded a video on Dropbox. If anyone has hint, I'd love to hear them.


I just replaced the N75 as a start, but I don't want to just start to replace things for the heck of it.

I haven't had a chance to plug in the car to Vag-Com yet but I'll try it and see what happens.

Thanks guys / gals.

I appreciate your advice!
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Yes, posted that it could be a boost leak popping a hose or the choppy sound could be the exhaust side leaking, maybe from the EGR hoses.

Is it possible that the actuator is causing the problem? Maybe. Use a vacuum tester and see if it's moving at the correct place. FYI, you can swap the N75 and EGR as a test instead of just replacing the N75 to see if it does anything.
Could it be from a bad motor mount or loose exhaust pipe? Maybe the exhaust pipe is loose and is shaking when the engine hits some frequency. Also check the alternator belt. Make sure the alternator pulley clutch is working. It could be from the belt slapping from a bad tensioner or bad altenrator pulley.
Sounds to me like a boost leak. I had a slight exhaust leak after cleaning my intake and had failed to torque all the bolts on the EGR cooler. The exhaust leak has a high pitch fluttering sound. This sounds too deep. If you want to check your boost readings with VCDS (Vag-Com) just email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to get together, I live in Abbotsford and work in Langley.
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