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Even if those glow plugs worked, you can get a new set for Bosch or Beru for about $50. Get rid of those glow plugs, they are junk. If you're lucky they will work fine. If you're really unlucky they could break off in the head. Although the serivce manual says to keep them all the same brand and not mix match them, it'll work fine and no problems have even been reported by mixing them.

Test each glow plug with a multimeter and resistance should be relatively consistent within each one. They should all read about .5-1.5 ohm and each should be within .3 ohm of the others.

You can test the harness by testing voltage on each plug. Have a helper turn the car on and you should get about 12 volts for the glow plug duration and then see it drop.

Other than that, the fuse, relay, or wiring could be bad.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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