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Ok so I'll start with my car runs decent. But..
It blows oil out the filler cap and I already read the other guys post about so I have an idea to fix that.
It's getting 37mpg.
I think the egr valve isnt working properly.
There's a decent amount of wet oil in the intake tubes. (Turbo seals?)

Now what I'm pondering about doing is having the turbo rebuilt and the injectors rebuilt and quantity checked etc.

But I'm not for sure about the egr. My brothers had the car for awhile but I'm getting it back here real soon. And I'll take a video and post a link up here.

I'm going for peak efficiency with it diesel being what it is now is an issue. Also no CEL on. And it still makes 17-18lbs of boost at its peak like spike to 17 and even back out to like 12-15
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