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Hello All,

Bought 2 months ago an used 2002 Jetta GLS TDI automatic with 76K miles. Even though it's auto transmission, the mileage was low with around 380 miles for a tank (daily 20 miles/hwy and 10 miles/city). After investigation, the EGR and intake manifold were all clogged, so bought new EGR valve and intake manifold and installed them myself (with all gaskets). The mileage slightly went up to around 425 miles/tank.
Last week, I drove with MAF unplugged: I did not feel any difference, so I assumed MAF was bad. Bought new MAF (also BOSCH) from MJM Autohaus and got it installed yesterday, so will keep an eye on my mileage, but I did not feel a huge difference in boost. Maybe next step would be the turbo?

Anyway, looking to get other Jetta TDI automatic owners' opinions and mileage for comparison.



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If you can drive w/MAF unplugged and there's no difference in power something is wrong. Take a look at the low power checklist, it could be vac lines, stuck turbo actuator, clogged, exhaust, many things. Get codes scanned before throwing more parts at it.
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