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I am the proud new owner of a used 2001 Volkswagen Golf 4 door TDI.
I have a job that requires me to travel upwards of 80 miles a day and wanted something that got incredible MPG's. I didn't have the cash to buy a new TDI and because they didn't make the Golf for a few years used ones are hard to find. Long story short I got an opportunity to buy exactly what I wanted. A gently used Reflex Silver 4-door Golf. It has under 90k miles and a 5 speed.

I don't know much about Diesels. I have owned many VW's. A 1951 Split, 1966 Sedan, 1986 Golf, 1987 GTI, 1991 Jetta, and 1997 Jetta. I have a 1957 Oval I am currently restoring. Lots of shady tree mech. experience. But nothing with diesel.

So last night the wife and I are cruising the rolling hills of Ohio (Amish country-dodging those buggys)
Car went into limp mood. We were chasing up a hill at about 2400RPM's and the car quit boosting. The check engine light came on and car became a real sled to drive.

So I am trying to diagnose what is wrong. After dinner I stopped by the local advance auto knowing they wouldn't be much help. They plugged in the OBD II scanner and gave me the code p0234. Over-boost.

So here is where I am at. Looking for information.
Is there anyone in Canton/ Akron/ Cleveland who knows you recommend for diagnose and repair ?
I unplugged the MFA and the car ran better, not great but better. I then plugged it back in and it continued to run pretty well. Better than no boost, couldn't tell if it was completely normal.
My plan is to clean MFA, clean snow-screen, and then put things together and head to nearest repair for VAG-Com scan.
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