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2000 jetta 1.8 Turbo

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Hi my name is Kevin. I have a 2000 Jetta with a 1.8L Turbo and it will not start. It has a new computer, new cam sensor, new crank sensor, good fuel pressure. it has everything needed to start except spark. I am leaning towards the immobilizer system because that seems to be the only thing left but I don't have the skc number. I tried leaving the key in the ignition to shut off the immobilizer light but it did not work and the car still wont start. I am wondering if I could get the skc number or if anyone has any suggestions as I am at a loss right now.
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Do you see the immobilizer light? If so that's the problem. If not it's not the problem.

Because you say that you have no spark I don't think it's the immobilizer. I've tested the immobilizer to see what it feels like, it still lets the engine start completely fine - it just shuts the engine off after a second. This does not sound like your problem. I would recheck the sensors and all plugs.
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