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2000 Golf TDI ALH Automatic - Cranking longer than usual

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I have been dealing with this issue for a while and am running out of options.

I think I have narrowed it down to coolant temp. sensor. Not that it's bad, because I have tried three new ones in the process, but that I will install a switch with a resistor that will 'fool' the ECU and increase the starting amount of fuel. I have come to this conclusion after I wasn't able to find any information on how to increase starting fuel quantity with VCDS and that if I disconnect the cable from the coolant temp. sensor, the car will fire right up but it will rev too high for a second.

Any advice on how to do this a more proper way (software adjustment) is appreciated. Also, if you have done something similar to the fix I described above, I would like to hear your input on the resistor type.


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You can adjust glow plug duration on the 2000 through VCDS adaptation. Try this: look at engine measuring blocks on a cold (overnight) engine. All sensor values should show ambient.
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Well since you're in South florida, the GP should not make any difference since they don't run before engine start unless it's below a certain temp that south florida probably never sees. It could be some sensor problem, also check the fuel IQ (see the faq)
When was the timing belt last done? How is the injection pump timing? You can advance timing through VCDS, see the timing belt part 2 article. Have you checked the wiring to the coolant temp sensor?
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