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1. Audi TDI® brings a new era to the USA.
Hybrid-level efficiency without its disadvantages: Audi TDI® means enjoying a new kind of driving pleasure with a clear conscience. It combines efficiency with sportiness and superior luxury, all while protecting valuable resources.

2. Audi TDI® is the perfect system for auto enthusiasts.
Audi is a synonym for premium automobiles with progressive design and progressive technology. TDI® means both imposing performance and dynamic strength. Every Audi TDI® offers the driving fun and sense of quality that real auto fans love.

* TDI® is propulsive power: The greatest strength of all is the immense torqueTorqueTorque is what causes rotational speed to change. Just as greater net forces cause greater linear accelerations, greater torques cause greater rotational or angular accelerations.Torque . The propulsive power makes these diesels clearly superior to all comparable gasoline engines. Moreover, their power is available at extremely low RPMs, even just above idling–a gentle but forceful thrust available as soon as the driver just gently strokes the gas pedal.
* TDI® is comfort: The result of extensive development work by Audi acousticians, the modern direct-injection diesel engines are so quiet that passengers hardly hear them.
* TDI® is efficiency and cleanliness: Thanks to the excellent fuel consumption and emission values, the TDI® offers driving fun with a clear conscience.

3. Audi TDI® is the perfect system for the USA.

* The confidently relaxed nature of the TDI® allows both calm cruising and confident acceleration.
* Audi TDI® proves its efficiency in every driving situation, in city traffic and especially for long-haul and back-country driving.
* With its powerful design, the TDI® is perfectly suitable for towing: even with heavy loads it retains its fuel consumption advantage.
* With its great range, the TDI® doesn’t have to fill up very often– a substantial convenience compared to hybrids. The Audi Q7 3.0 TDI® has the biggest range of all its competitors. Driving 12,000 miles at average performance, the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI® would need to fuel less than 20 times, while a Lexus RX 400 h would need 27 fill-ups.

4. Audi TDI® combines sportiness, driving pleasure, efficiency and environmental awareness.
Audi is the sportiest premium brand. Every Audi model combines progressive design and advanced technology with dynamism, high quality and relaxed comfort. The efficiency and cleanliness of the TDI® system are simply incomparable.

5. TDI® is the world’s most successful efficiency technology.
Since day one, the three letters TDI® have been accepted as a synonym for confident power and maximum efficiency. TDI® technology has set the pace for the whole auto industry–worldwide, there are tens of millions of vehicles with direct-injection diesel engines. No other engine system has been able to beat direct-injector diesels in delivering power and efficiency.

In actual customer operation, fuel consumption by TDI® vehicles is as much as 40 percent less that of comparable vehicles using the gasoline engines regularly used in North America.

6. Audi is the inventor of the TDI® and is also the most advanced.
Audi not only has the greatest experience in diesel technology, but also the biggest lead: They pioneered the turbo-loaded diesel engines with direct injection. The first Audi with a TDI® engine was launched in European markets in 1989 – competitors in the premium segment didn’t follow Audi’s path-breaking design until years later.

In the meantime, Audi has built more than 4.5 million cars with the TDI® system. In fact, more than every second Audi sold is a TDI®.

7. Audi TDI® with ultra low emission system is the world’s cleanest diesel.
This emission control system reduces not just particles but also nitrogen emissions by up to 90 percent and thus fulfills the world’s most stringent emission standard, California's ULEV II or California's LEVII ULEV. And it already exceeds the requirements of the Euro 6 standards targeted for 2014.

8. With the ultra low emission system, Audi shows the future of the diesel engine. And it has a great future.
TDI® is a fully mature technology that has been tested millions of times for reliability and durability. At the same time, the TDI® is still unbeaten in its combination of solid power and amazingly low fuel consumption.

With its effective emission control system, the TDI® has the potential to satisfy the most stringent emission standards- now and in the future.

9. Audi TDI® with ultra low emission system proves its superiority in actual use.
On the Audi Mileage Marathon across the USA, the TDI® with ultra low emission system makes its debut in a tough endurance test several months before the market launch in the USA and Europe. The total route of more than 4,800 miles or more than 7,700 kilometers offers a realistic combination of city and country driving, on highways and country roads. In this environment and under conditions that are similar to everyday driving, the TDI® will be able to clearly show its superiority over every other efficiency technology.

10. Audi TDI® helps the environment.
Audi TDI® with ultra low emission system helps the environment in numerous ways. Its excellent efficiency improves CO2 emissions, and the low emissions help achieve clean air goals.

11. Audi TDI® is ready for the super clean fuel of the future.
Highly modern synthetic fuels like GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) or BTL (Biomass-to-Liquid) indicate the future potential of the TDI® technology. These customized fuels improve the combustion process in the engine and thus produce an even better emission profile.

Of these alternatives, BTL from biomass seems especially attractive in terms of CO2 levels. During combustion, this fuel produces only as much carbon dioxide as was removed from the atmosphere by the plants during initial photosynthesis. And since it can use any kind of biomass, such as plant waste, this fuel does not compete with food production -- unlike ethanol. Audi first tested BTL at the 24 hours of Le Mans and Audi won the overall race.

12. Audi TDI® lowers consumption.
The Audi TDI engine delivers much lower fuel consumption than conventional gas engines. Forecasts for the Mileage Marathon indicate that the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI® will use about 170 gallons of diesel fuel for the whole route from New York to Los Angeles. A comparable car with a gas engine would use about 240 gallons.

13. TDI® reduces dependence on petroleum.
If only one third of the cars, pickups and SUVs in the US had a modern diesel engine, the country could save 1.4 million barrels of crude oil per day, the Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental ProtectionAudi strives to help protect the environment in all aspects of our vehicle manufacturing.Environmental Protection Agency has calculated. By using synthetic fuels like GTL or BTL, dependence on petroleum can be further reduced.

14. Audi TDI® is the alternative to a hybrid.
The hybrid concept has its strengths mainly in stop-and-go traffic. In mixed driving with urban segments but also long-haul and highway trips, the TDI® is clearly superior. The mpg values of the diesel models are better than for hybrid vehicles.

It is important to remember that the manufacturing expense of a hybrid vehicle, especially its batteries, is much higher, their long-term durability has not been proven and the recycling of a diesel vehicle is much simpler.

Audi is working on hybrid concepts of its own. They will only be brought to market when the advantages for the customer have been clearly proven. Hybrid concepts face an extremely hard touchstone: the Audi TDI®.

15. Audi TDI® has already built in the micro hybrid.
The Audi TDI® models support the efficient use of energy with intelligent, path-breaking technologies: For example, the Audi Q5 and the Audi A4 can recover energy in both braking and rolling phases. The generator converts motion into electrical energy, which is then stored in the battery. During acceleration, the battery feeds back the energy – and thus spares the engine. An additional example is the new temperature management. During the warm-up phase, a portion of the cooling circulation is disconnected. The saving in ordinary use is substantial because most driving is over short distances.

16. TDI® is an enormous success in Europe.
In Europe, the TDI® principle has been an unequalled success – today, more than half of all new vehicles in Western Europe are equipped with a modern diesel engine, and in some countries diesel accounts for up to 80 percent of new cars. The direct injection diesel engine is the world’s most successful efficiency technology.

17. The diesel success in the US has already begun.
At this time, there are more than 4.8 million cars, pickups and SUVs with diesel engines registered in the US. Newly registered diesels have increased by 80 percent from 2000 to 2005. According to market researchers like J.D.Power, diesel sales will triple again between now and 2015.

18. Audi TDI® is superior in all vehicle and performance classes.
The brand with the four rings has a broad range of highly modern TDI engines for every vehicle category and type. They combine robust power development with amazingly low fuel consumption–and in both criteria, they easily beat gasoline engines of comparable engine size. TDI® engines from Audi stand for a modern, smart form of sportiness and efficiency.

19. Audi TDI® is superior – even on the racetrack.
Audi continues to expand its lead through technology–including on the race track. Two years ago, the R10 TDI® opened a brand new chapter in motor sport. Its 5.5 liter V12-TDI® offers 478 kW / 650 HP, enough for a top speed of about 330 km/h. And it generates over 800 lb-ft (more than 1.100 Nm) of torque on the crankshaft, much more than any gasoline engine can. But it is mainly because of its efficiency that the diesel easily beats its opponents. This strength is evident even in the Le Mans 24 hour race, even though the course is driven about 75% of the time full out. If you stop less often for fuel, you reach your goal sooner: in 2006, in 2007 and in 2008, Audi won the Le Mans with the R10 TDI®.

20. The Audi Q7 TDI® is the SUV that SUV fans can drive with a clear conscience.
The Audi Q7 3.0 TDI® is the performance SUV that combines design, comfort, advanced technology and utility in a unique way. The Q7 is the perfect automobile for sports-oriented SUV fans. And they can enjoy it with a clear conscience because of TDI®.
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