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Saw this info on the vortex: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4617153&page=1

ride heights:
GTI: 5.0 "
Golf TDI: 5.4"
Golf 2.5: 5.4"

This comes from Germany. Keep in mind the suspension is designed as a whole system (springs, shocks, control arms, roll bars, wheels, etc., etc.) and the individual settings you see here are just part of the answer:
front anti-roll bar 2.5L = 21mm
rear anti roll bar 2.5L = 19mm (18.5 specifically)

front anti-roll bar TDI = 21mm
rear anti roll bar TDI = 19mm (18.5 specifically)

front anti-roll bar GTI = 23mm
rear anti roll bar GTI = 19mm (19.6 specifically)

Also: Front subframe and control arms are lighter so the spring rates have changed

Front Spring rates
GTI: 33 N/mm
TDI: 25 N/mm
2,5l: 23 N/mm
Dampers are adjusted accordingly based on the spring rates

Ride height
5.4 in for 2,5 and TDI.
5 in for GTI

Faq worthy info?

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Thanks! I can't read all the posts everywhere. It looks like the sport suspension really isn't as sporty as it seems....if this is accurate the springs and shocks appear only a little stiffer vs the 2.5 and I would be that's due to the engine weight. I'll try to find the part numbers to verify.
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