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2.0 TDI long term reliability.

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Hi all.

You guys seems to know a lot about TDI. I'm glad I found your site.

I am seriously considering to purchase a 2009 TDI wagon comfort line 6spd manual transmission. Yes, I live in Canada.

Here is he last question that needs answering before I show up at my local dealership:
1- How reliable is this new 2.0TDI engine? Can we trust this engine to be as good as the 2006 1.9tdi? Has this 2.0tdi engine been used previously in Europe or other market?

Thank you.
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If you haven't seen the 2009-2010 differences article, go to the home page you can find it there. See if you're willing to wait for the changes. There will be some updates to features and the look for 2010.

The engine/emission system as a package is all new for 2009.

The emissions filters like the DPF have been used previously in Europe and DPF technology has been around for a while. I think the NOx filter is all new for the TDI. The emissions system is a combination of DPF, NOx, EGR, valves, and tuning.

The engine is all new but similar VAG (VW/Audi) engines has been used for a while in Europe. I'm not sure the entire list of tweaks but it's enough to say that any conclusions about similar engines cannot be transferred to this engine. For example, 1 component which is unique to this engine could prove to be a problem. The emissions system as a whole is also all new. In any case I feel it's far too early to make a conclusion about long term reliability.

In the US there are extended warranties on federal emissions components, not sure what Canadian laws apply.
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A few people are reporting minor hesitation and they think it's related to the EGR system. This isn't the DSG hesitation it's something about the engine tuning.
IMO, the engines are getting more complicated and engine management more complicated. The more complicated it is, the more that can go wrong - but I think they did their homework. I don't think you need that much power to move that amount of weight - the 99-03 ALH engines were simple, economical, and reliable. Good combination.
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