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1z white smoke at idle wont rev

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hi there ive joined this forum hopeing to get some help with me 1z engine conversion into a t25/3 van, ive changed the loom over using autodater wiring loom sheet for the ecu, we have the engine started, but have loads of white smoke coming out the exaust. the engine came out my 96 passat with200k on it over 50k which i did and was 100% only a dodgy 109 relay in 2 yrs of hard driving, timing has been checked, im stuck now and hope one of you nice people can offer some advice, im busy checking the loom work i done now and will check the ecu on another car at the weekend as its been decoded, cheers duncan newcastle england
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post moved to mk3 forum because of the 1z engine.

how long has it run? Maybe it will clear up as it warms up.
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