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First the timing - at first it was hard to start with no graph on chart
I advanced IP timing by pushing pump towards engine - and now starts somewhat better/sooner
but timing graph is now off chart which might indicate I over advanced it but somone said that that
also may indicate that it is still retarded - is there a numeriic quantity that I can look up on
VCDS to check the timing value that coresponds with that seen on the chart?
Or can I actually use my dial indicator as with the 1.6D motors to get timing within the ball park?
What would the dial indicator reading be?

Now the IQ - it is readding 12.3 which means a lean fuel mixture
I have tried to adjust by moving the lossened top of IP towards the transmission but
It will not budge - even with a pretty hard whack with plastic dead blow hammer
the tip has not moved off the marked scribe between pump sections - any suggestions?
Maybe the IQ adjuster sensor inside is not working and it has been moved to that furtherst point
by previous owner - I tried tapping it towards the TB and it didn't seem to budge either - sitll reading 12.3!

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Look up into hammer mod timing. you want to get it adjusted the best you can physically or mechanically first then dial it in closer with a vcds. 12.3 is way too high. most people like to run at 4 - 7 for stock engine. read these, good luck.
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