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Hi to all! First post on here looking for help.

I work as a mobile mechanic and I managed to (very stupidly!) loose customers' key for a 1999 VW Polo 1.6CL (petrol).
The owners had second key, so they could still use the car. The service tag was present, but the pin code on it completely worn off! What a shame!!!!!

As I owed them a key, I got a blank from eBay (with a new virgin chip).
I had key blade cut and it fits in the locks fine.

Got Vag-Tacho to read pin code from immo unit, in order to program the new key. V-T works fine on A4 (1997) and T4 van (2000). I also have VCDS Pro.

On this Polo it seems to be unable to log into immobiliser. Hence no pin code for key programming!

Polo has Immo1 from what I can tell - separate immo box under dash, no 'key' symbol in instrument cluster, only a doulble click from sounder when immo arms (on key pull).

I know it has immo as I tried the new uncoded key and it will not run.

Can anyone advise on what else I can try to get the new key coded? Apart from goin to VW....

All answers/hints appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

I would have thought that VCDS should programme the key if you have the SKC from Vag-Tacho.

Its a shame that people are that stupid to leave the service tag on the key ring all the time as it can get lost or worn in your case?

I've bee wondering about Vag-Tacho I've mensioned it on here but not one has made any comment. How many times have you used it and on which vehicles? ;)
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