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1999 Passat Electric Window Problems

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Hi all, just joined the forum. My name is Marty and i'm from Belfast, Ireland and I need your help!!!.
Just bought a 1999 VW Passat 1.9TDi SE.
Got it on the cheap hence there are some problems that need fixing. The Front passenger window and the rear driver side window both do not go down. I can hear the motor going when I press the buttons but no movement. If I grab these windows with both hands and move up and down there is about 2 to 3cm of up/down movement. I have seen the repair guide and want to make sure I am buying the correct parts from ebay.
In the repair guide.....
It says difficulty 2/5 and that you need the service manual. Where can I find one!

Here are the parts I am looking to buy from ebay and want to make sure they are the right ones.

Right hand side rear window regulator without motor...

Left hand side front window regulator without motor

Any help would really be very much appreciated guys!
thanks in advance!
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The best manual is the Bentley service manual. It just says that as a blanket disclaimer for other difficulty 2 articles for which you may need the service manual. The FAQ article has enough info on replacing the window regulator.

Those parts are exactly what you need.
Cheers, gonna open the 2 door panels just to make sure the regulators are actually broke, if so then i'll order the parts
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