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I recently used the VCDS/VAG COM mod to increase my Glow Plug light time.
I recently swapped out my Injectors and watched my Glow Plug harness fall apart in my hands.

Everything worked fine until a few days later. I increased my Glow Plug light times to about 5 seconds and everything went well for a few days. Then it got really cold and boom my CEL was back on.

I thought the problem was my splicing on my harness so I tore the crimps off and used a Western Union splice and sodered it. CEL returned.. ANNOYING.. I measured the amperage in the glowplugs and one seemed a little off. So I ordered new glow plugs. I put them in and the CEL returned. I checked the fuses and they seemed fine to. I wanted to check the voltage to the harness but it was so dang cold outside I couldnt do it. So on a whim I searched on Tdiparts.com (now idparts.com) and it said if you swapped out everything and still get a CEL then get a new GP Relay. It cost $49.- so I ordered one it came a couple days ago. I swapped it out under the dash. Some places on the web said it was near the ECM under the windshield wiper. I'm like dang it's cold outside I can't take the windshield wipers off. Fortunely it is under the dash in my car next to the 109 Relay I replaced. I swapped it out and now NO MORE ANNOYING CEL.

I think what happened is that when I increased my GP times that it burnt out my old and fragle GP Relay causing the CEL. My car has started right up the past couple days in sub freezing temps without the normal excessive cranking I heard the past few weeks.

I held off swapping out the Relay as a HOWTO on the Tdiclub.com forums said that the Relay rarely is at fault with this CEL. I am glad the problem is solved and now I have a car that starts right up without an annoying CEL.
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