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1998 beetle won't start

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I am new to the forum and I have been working on my beetle for a few weeks. The problem started with my son driving the car with a check battery light on. (error #1)After it stopped running, he had it jump started by one of his friends (error #2). I towed it home and charged the battery, which seems to hold a charge, but the car would not start after that. It does crank and seems ready to start, but then doesnt. Assuming an electrical issue, I plugged in my VCDS, but get no error codes. The glow plug light comes on briefly, but it is warm here in NC, so that is no surprise. I did replace relay 109, but no luck. I do get fuel at injectors with connector cracked, shutter valve is open, MAF reading is high without the engine running, but no difference with MAF plugged in or not. Engine speed sensor tests normal at connector and when cranking, the VCDS displays normal cranking engine speed. Throttle position sensor displays correct position with the VCDS running. What haven't I checked? Where to go from here?
Thanks for any help.

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What about leaving all the injector line cracked open just a tiny bit at the injectors then having someone crank it and as it starts to fire close each pipe one by one, the other thing you could try is disconnecting the coolant temp sensor plug, that'll force the glow plugs to work for longer.:)

Have you checked the intake to make sure the anti shudder valve is fully open? I've read of that causing this sort of problem too. With the battery light and everything I completely got thrown off course, I just remembered about checking all the basics first. So we know it's getting fuel, the chances are the compression is fine which leaves air, is it getting any? I've seen these cars start with the timing way off but they tend to just run really bad but hey do start usually so check the ASV is wide open.:)
This is the part I was thinking of, the lever thing on the side controls the asv and the one on top does the egr. If it looks all clear and that flap is fully open it might be worth pulling the intake pipe off the manifold and seeing if it starts just in case there is anything wrong with the air side of things.:)

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Indeed, hopefully it'll fire into life at last.:)
Excellent,(I think) typical it's always something simple that you miss:)
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