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Volkswagen MK4 turbodiesel "how to" index
For 1999-2003 jetta and 1998-2003 new beetle and golf

From 1000 answered questions: the diesel faq. See top of forum main page for more how to FAQ and technical info.

updated Sept 15, 2013

Do you have a pumpe duse? North American TDI 1998-2003 4th generation (mk4) and earlier are not pumpe duse. This page is for 1998-2003.

North American VW TDI model year 2004-2006 are pumpe duse and use the BEW engine (except the Passat andTouareg). Here are some more checks you can do to see if you have a pumpe duse or not 1000q: cosmetic differences jetta and 1000q: injection pump vs PD vs common rail
Also see 1000q: new car checklist to see a list of immediate service areas, common problems and VW quirks.


Timing belt part 1: removal and accessories (non pumpe duse MY1999-2003)
Timing belt part 2: installation and final quality control (exclusive content, please join our free community to view)
Water pump replacement (recommended with every timing belt change)
Thermostat replacement (check your coolant temp sensor first)
Radiator removal
Intake manifold and EGR cooler removal and cleaning of carbon buildup (non pumpe duse MY1999-2003)
TDI injection pump removal without replacing the timing belt (part 1)
TDI fuel injection pump replacement without replacing the timing belt (part 2)
TDI EGR valve FAQ (exhaust gas recirculation valve)
Cylinder head removal (non pumpe duse MY1999-2003)
Engine oil change (10,000 miles or as needed)
Rear main oil seal replacement
Front crankshaft seal replacement
Oil pan replacement
Engine coolant/antifreeze flush (100,000+ miles or as needed)
Radiator replacement
Change air filter/cabin air filter
Fuel filter change (drain every 10,000 miles, replace at 20,000)
More about pumpe duse vs common rail vs direct injection
boost or vacuum leak check (can cause a hissing noise or more than normal black exhaust)
Fuel temp sensor and Injection Pump top cover seal replacement
Injection pump head or middle gasket reseal
Starter troubleshooting and replacement
Alternator, AC compressor, and Power Steering Pump removal
Alternator troubleshooting, pulley replacement, and voltage regulator repair
Battery part number reference
Immobilizer general information ,troubleshooting, procedures
Keyless entry FAQ and programming new remote/change battery
MAF FAQ - technical info (mass air flow sensor FAQ and part numbers)
MAF (mass air flow sensor) troubleshooting and replacement procedures
Diagnosing and fixing limp mode (sudden loss of power)
Diagnosing and fixing low and no power (constant low power and can't rev high)
Adjust fuel injection quantity or hammer mod
VNT removal or adjustment (not regular maintenance or tuning item)
Turbo VNT vane cleaning (to free stuck vanes)
Fuel injector nozzle selection and info FAQ
Fuel injector and nozzle removal and upgrade procedure
Tightening the AC compressor nut (this nut often comes loose and causes damage)
How to replace the AC coil
Fuel tank venting FAQ and vent removal procedure (lets you add a few more gallons of fuel)
Fuel door spring open modification (lets the door open much farther when you press the button)
TDI performance turbo upgrade chart
Turbo removal writeup #1
ALH engine TDI turbo removal (mirrored link from TDIinnovations of TX)
Engine cover fast removal pop off modification
Metal skid plate installation (this protects the exposed oil pan, also includes a comparison of skidplate features and designs)
Engine runaway FAQ (rare problem where the engine races on its own due to mechanical malfunction)
Stripped glow plug thread repair
How to repair broken plastic vacuum nipple
How to replace the glow plug on TDI


ATF (automatic transmission fluid) fluid change
Clutch/brake fluid change
Manual transmission gear oil change
TDI clutch and flywheel FAQ
Manual transmission removal (only Part 1 - see sticky mk4 Trans removal)
Manual transmission removal (external link)
Shifter cable adjustment
Dieselgeek short shifter installation and review (mk5 shown but mk4 is similar)

Wheel / tire / gearing calculator

Wheel tire calculator - also shows wheel/tire clearance, offset, and final drive calculator


Front and rear brake pad and rotor job
Rear wheel bearing replacement
Brake fluid and clutch fluid service
Parking brake cable service and adjustment
Strut, spring, and mount replacement first writeup
Strut, spring, and mount replacement second writeup
Sway bar bushing and endlink installation
LCA, ball joint, and bushing replacement
Dogbone/pendulum mount replacement
Brake tips and busting big brake myths
TDI specific big brake upgrade FAQ and spec table/links
Installing larger brake carriers (must have 1.8T/VR6 or other spindle to use)
Audi TT/VW golf R32 spindle and /or lower control arm conversion (also lets you use larger brakes)
DIY pressure brake/clutch bleeder
Brake booster removal and replacement
How to remove the steering wheel
Steering rack removal (external youtube video - CAUTION, do not support your car using cinder blocks as seen in the video, it's a 3rd party video!)

Car Detailing

Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
Wax stain removal - remove white stains on the trim
Paint chip repair
Small scratch removal


VCDS (ross tech vagcom) mods, tricks, and settings - These can disable auto-unlock of the doors above 10 mph, unlock all doors with one press of the remote, or adjust the horn/light blinking when locking/unlocking the car.
How to use a torque wrench, buyer's guide, and FAQ
Jack points on my VW Jetta TDI
How to swap in power and/or heated seats
To add heated seats, you need a retrofit harness, heated seats, and the heated seat buttons.
Adding soundproofing to your car and introduction to soundproofing theory
Broken intercooler mounting stud repair
VW ipod, aux in, and mp3 cable adapter compatibility
Tips and tricks for the mechanic
5th gear modification to lower the rpm
-5th gear install by Audi5jim
Aspheric (blind spot), convex, and flat - mirror replacement and repair FAQ
Rust on the front fenders above the wheels? See this TSB
How to read the VW part numbering system (and make sense of them)
Coolant migration symptoms and solutions
Instrument cluster removal and high beam indicator dimming
and How to fix a fast speedometer

How to fix a clicking turn signal or replace the hazard switch relay (turn signals not working)
How to remove the ignition switch or lock cylinder
Ecode headlights - what are they and how do you use them
Headlight switch repair and cleaning
Dashboard camera (dashcam) hardwire installation
Mudflap installation
Change headlight bulbs
Disable drl (daytime running lights)
Rear bumper and taillight removal
Headlight / front fascia (front bumper) removal
Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior (or repairing the broken drain line)
Door card (the interior panel) removal, both front and rear
New Beetle broken door handle repair
Door lock module removal
Window regulator - making creaking or popping sounds (the window glass can fall into the door and leave the window open)
Glove box repair
Glove box lock cylinder replacement
Center console removal
Vinyl shifter boot replacement with leather
How to add a fuse or new circuit to the fusebox
Rear shelf removal
Fender rolling to fit larger wheels
Repainting the triangular trim on the rear window that always rusts
How to remove the side marker light bulb (or remove the light)
where is it: the location of random stuff that is useful to know.
MK3 vs MK4 differences - 3rd vs. 4th generation differences
MK4 vs MK5 differences - 4th vs. 5th gen differences
How to compression test the engine
Making wood blocks to raise the car
OEM wheel gallery and specs
light bulb replacement reference table
Wheel alignment specifications table
Renault 1.6L injection pump rebuild part 1
Renault 1.6L injection pump rebuild part 2
Touch up paint code reference table

More How tos and general FAQ at 1000 answered questions: index
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