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1997 passat tdi

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back at it with my tdi, 2 things:

how can you tell which engine it is? is it part of the vin or stamped anywhere?
can oil pumps be in spec but make gear clatter noise? i have, what sounds to be valve clatter from the top end because of lack on oil. i am going to install an oil pressure gauge at the top of the filter housing to see what its putting out. i have also heard of over heated oil coking to hydraulic lifters stopping theyre ability to compensate for lash.
any other suggestions?

thanks justin
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It's a 1Z.

There should be a sticker on the timing belt cover with 1Z somewhere on it but it can fall off.

If your injection pump looks smooth like this it's definltely a 1z:

Some jetta also had 1z but the rest had AHU. The AHU had ribs on the injection pump which made it look different from the above pump.
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The vin can tell you some equipment information but I don't think it has the engine code. Passats are definitely 1Z engines.
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