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1997 passat sedan tdi electrical

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soo, back again with another problem. im driving on sunday and its pissing rain. i go to switch my whipers to a different setting and i notice there is no change. i go to turn them off and there is no change. they stayed to the adjustable intermitten whiping setting i had set. i shut the car off in a parking lot, then turn it back on hoping it was something random. sure enough it persists and they do not shut off when i turn the back on. i shut the car off a second time and spray the windshield to clean it to see if they would automatically shut off, as they are supposed to after 3 or 4 whiping motions, they didnt shut off again. the next day the problem seemed to go away. they turned on and off fine. and today it happened again. ALSO this time i turn the car on and there were no automatic headlights, and no interior lights. i started pulling fuses and checking them. i ended up not finding any of them blown but since i didnt know the last time any of them were replaced. i replaced them all and started fresh. that same day the 6 speakers did not have any sound what so ever, and the only thing playing was my set of subs in the trunk. i know the subs have an RC cable which rund from the radio so i do not think its the radio, or else i believe the subs would be doing nothing as well. do you think i should check relays? i know some vdubs have been known to ahve wiring problems that could make you go blue in the face. would the wiring harness be burnt out or something? i am truely at a loss for what to do next. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. please post a reply if you know anything what so ever.
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Is the carpet wet? It's possible your drains are clogged and that amount of rain water leaked onto the relay panel. It's located on the underside of the dashboard above the clutch. Take note of each one, remove it, and shake it. After I replaced my windshield I had some electrical problems that were traced to a bad seal. After drying them out it was OK.
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