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1996 VW Transporter, 2.4L NA Diesel, Standard, 160K engine, 499K body

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This is for all viewers that are interested in the VW Transporter (except VW enthusiasts.)

I have been the proud owner of this Van but no longer have a use for it, needed a family car and bought another VW wagon.

1996 VW Transporter with a 2.4L NA Diesel, Standard transmission
There is 499,000KMS on the body and 160,000 ish KMS on the rebuild engine .
It has recently seen diesel lines replaced, brakes, new tires, and had semi recently timing belt replacement( just before I bought it last year).
I have installed a custom interior and a competition Stereo system, Wolfsburgs shift knob, lock, window cranks, and decore for body, Custom Seats.
It had also had a custom added REAL Nascar side exit exhaust system right from South Carolina , yeah its loud and proud ;-) .
There are two sets of wheels and rims. They are all under one year old. One is summer tread on alum wheels, other is winterforce on steeles( recently paid

$940 for them this past month).
The Vehicle will come completely certified and e-tested. No suprises, I fixed anything that was required and I have kids and would not endanger them or

myself driving a unsafe vehicle.

For the VW enthusiasts:

I always wanted a VW Transporter even to the point that I was looking at one to export from Belgium. I found this one and commenced restoring it. The

previous owner did the motor before I got it and told me that there was 120,000 on the motor plus it had a brand new head from the dealer. My dealership

seems to say that by all looks it could be the truth.
I rebuilt the front end, lower the suspension 60mm with a spring/shock kit out of England. I then put on VW Aluminum rims with new tires. I got the body work

done and a two tone paint with silver leaf trim. I do still have paint codes and spare paint for touch ups. I installed the custom Recaro-styled leatherette

seats with Wolfsburgs shift knob, door pins and aluminum pedels.
Now the stereo, as a 2 times champion in SPL, my stereo is really good. I would really like you to get the whole vehicle as I built it for myself. The

stereo took 18 shop hours to install and tune. It was tuned by an IASCA judge. There is 120 SQ FT of DynaMat Extreme plus completely EIFS sprayed.Alpine Deck, Image dynamics for SQ, and a 15" RE XXX subwoofer for when I want to get REAL nasty. The front stage will be removed and i will provide a brand new set of rockford fosgates.

I built this vehicle for myself as a completely custom vehicle to work out of. Most people think that it is a show vehicle but I just like a nice vehicle to

work out of. The situation is that I 2 children were going to be put into childrens aid if I didn't adopt them. So I did. Now I am selling this vehicle as I

needed a family vehicle. So I have bought a Jetta Station wagon to do the family thing.

Selling price: I am flexible in the price to reflect what stereo that you want when you get it. Think $2000 for the one that is in it now, on top of the

purchase price. I have a lot of equipment so I can up or downgrade the system. This one is SQ based for daily driving and if AC/DC should come the 15"XXX gets the job done. This system is so loud and obnoxious. You will feel it and it will hurt your ears.

I really liked the car alot but it does not fit into my day to day life now. But if you need a great

vehicle that can get you to work, carry anything, and look good doing it then this is the ticket for you.



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