Not sure what is a fair price for this unit, hence the post on the forum. I am flexible on the price. 1996 Passat with 242K miles. Had 130K when I purchased it. I have owned it for about 10 years. Body is straight however it has been repainted a darker purple and most of the clearcoat has peeled off. Not going to win any beauty contests. Also has dark tinted windows and so looks a bit pimp-mobile-esque. Known in the family as "Purple Rain".

I just put a new clutch in less than 500 miles ago which cost me $2100. Timing belt is recent within 10K or so. Has had a valve job done a couple of years ago. I have receipts for all service mentioned here. Car starts and runs well, although it does send out a bit of smoke when you first start it. I get 44-46 mpg in mixed driving. Has new door handles as well. Tires have serviceable tread left and are the Big-O competitor to Michelin Defenders (i.e. 80K warranty type tires). Previously maintained by the sorely missed Dinosaur Land in Boulder. Does have 15" aluminum wheels.

I still enjoy driving this vehicle and my only reason for selling is that I have an opportunity for a within-family purchase of a Honda Civic with 45K at well below market value.

Please let me know what a fair price for this vehicle is and feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. I will wait for some feedback here before listing on Craigslist because I would prefer to sell to someone who appreciates these TDIs. I am out-of-state at the moment but will add pics when I return to CO.