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I'm new to TDI's...

I have been scouring the net reading & gaining as as much TDI info as I can find. Even with that I still really appreciate some feedback from others as I gain experience & learn about my new to me 96 passat TDI.

I was experiencing limp mode at or above 3K rpms in 3rd & 4th gears. I did some reading & replaced all the vac hoses & the N75 valve, that seems to have fixed it.

Things done so far:

No check Engine light though it does come on during cranking / start up.

Replaced air cleaner & cleaned the snow screen.

Checked & drained removed about 2 tablespoons of oil from IC inlet.

EGR plugged the vac hose to it, Feedback? Please leave the tree hugging to the forest forums.

Replaced the suitcase muffler & verified the cat was empty replaced suitcase with 2.25 pipe & small turbo muffler at rear OEM mount location with new tail pipe.

Had the car detailed, it turned out nice.

Had the front end aligned it was off ever so slightly. Waiting for new sway bar end links to arrive in the mail for replacement. Hoping that the ID of the new ones are really 24mm...we'll see when they arrive... $9.72 for the parts $37 for shipping from rockauto parts coming from Germany.

Ordered 2 new AC Delco front window regulator replacements, motors seem fine but the regulators are toast. Not looking forward to this job..:eek

Repaired a chip in the windshield.

Things on my yet to do list:

Rocket or other ECU chip / upgrade opinions experiences?

Pull & clean the intake manifold...

Alum wheels tires 16" or?

Am I missing anything major with regards to reliability or improved performance? I do not want to loose MPG presently. I drive 450 miles a week, so my main goal is to let it breath & make it as reliable as possible...


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Check out the mk3 new owner checklist, it has a lot of tips in there that will bring you up to catch up maintenance. You pretty much covered it though! I had a wetteraurer chip, worked fine. Rocket chip works too.
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