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So I just recently got a 1996 Passat TDI, It's an awesome ride, and it has the perks of having a few extra mods to make it go a little faster. It has:

Rocket chip
.205 injector tips
straight pipe side exit exhaust

The Car has 185xxx ... the engine was replaced with a 50xxx mile motor at 110xxx miles, so the motor has about 125xxx.

When driving conservatively, I only get about 35 MPG with this car, which seems much too low. It had always smoked a lot since I've had it, so I thought it was normal to smoke that much, but my buddy said it was a lot. Also, when warming up, the spot that the smoke hits the ground turns damp, leaving a little puddle of diesel fuel, which makes me think that it is being over-fueled. The color of the smoke is whiteish and the smell of diesel absorbs into my clothes rapidly and stays.

What do you all think? And if it is being over-fueled, how can it be tuned so that it has the correct ratios going in?


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Check the 5th injector as well. It could be leaking. There is an article in the FAQ about it.

Make sure you don't have any exhaust leaks, it could be the cause of the odor.

35 mpg is way too low w/slow driving, 40-45 seems more reasonable. Are you losing coolant?

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More than likely the aftermarket chip and injectors are the source of your woes.
The balance between fuel economy and power is a delicate one that has probably been wiped out with the changes made to the car. To get your fuel economy back where it should be you will have to get rid of the aftermarket chip and go back to the stock chip with stock fuel map.
The injectors are probably dumping huge amounts of fuel into the motor that it is unable to fully combust.

Who made the change on the chip and the injectors and why?

Good luck.
dave parker
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