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From the factory the differences are quite comprehensive.

VNT1749VC turbo with improved impeller and inlet housing with more precise vane control
Top mounted to allow for DPF over 140 without
Improved water jacket around uprated Siemens pizeo injectors and exhaust ports
- these Siemens injectors are dying left and right though!
Ceramic glow plugs
CTC toothed belt sprocket on the camshaft - it's oval to reduce belt tensions
Improved head gasket to both strengthen head and improve combustion chamber
Valves recessed flat into head allowing removal of valve pockets in pistons, improving swirl and compression
Improved oil separation system in cam cover
Uprated "hotdog" style EGR cooler
Forged and lightened crank with 4 counterweights instead of 8
A balancer shaft in the Passat level cars
Swirl flaps in the inlet manifold, improving swirl and flow across the rev range
A new electric EGR valve

Sourced from the VW service training program 368
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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