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10K or one year for oil change?

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My JSW is coming up on the one year mark with only 7K on the clock. I hadn't thought about changing the oil prior to the 10K mark until I came across the topic on TDIClub. Ofcourse, opinions were split. I'd like to see what the opinions are here.
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It doesn't sound like you drive very much but since the dealer is going to take care of it at 10k, why not just wait. How would waiting a month or two for a regular oil change, when you are well under the miles interval, cause damage? Although I bet it couldn't hurt either.
The debate as I understand it, is the oil life in months "quality/longevity of lubrication properties of the oil" versus the intent of the "break in" oil remaining in the engine for the full 10K.
my jsw 2010 had 10124 miles on it when i did 10k service. I measured oil level when the car had 8200m on it and also the oil color. There was no diference when i measured again at 10124m. Actually the oil is darker after service.
I struggled with this question a bit as well. I eventually decided to wait for 10,000. My reasoning was primarily for break-in. I could not get a straight answer out of anyone if there actually is a difference between the original factory oil and retail. On some larger TDI VW will give you a 5,000mi change for free in addition to the 10,000 change. Now this is a different engine so I could not be certain if that would influence the decision. I will probably change it every 5000 after the original 10,000 change.
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