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'10 JSW TDI Quick hesitation early in drives (and other issues)

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Hey. I'm a new member so I apologize if this has already been addressed. The dealership has never been able to duplicate this so they don't have any input.

Early,within the first 5 minutes of driving, in about 30% of my trips in my new car there is a hesitation upon acceleration. It feels as if you just removed your foot from the gas for a second. It's the only issue I've had in the drive train at all so far and I would like to know if it's foreshadowing a difficult repair later on. I used to be a mechanic so I'm no stranger to working on my own cars, but this is my first new car and I wouldn't mind at all letting the dealership do the work since I still have about 10,000 on my warranty.

I've had intermittent sunroof, CD player, and key fob issues but they seem like isolated flukes and I'm not worried about them.

Has anyone felt this or can anyone point me to a different post where I might find others with this issue?

Lastly, I've searched here before for advice on this but I figured I'd throw it out there now that I've signed up. I've got a few dash rattles I'd like to fix. I had the one in the gauge cluster which they took care of (partially) with flocking tape, but now I have an even more annoying and ever-present rattle coming from somewhere within the column near the ignition. I'm thinking at this point I should just rip the whole dash apart and go to town with velour flocking tape. It's loud enough that my passengers are commenting and no amount of manipulation of any of the dash covers will make it go away. It's in there deep.

Thanks for your time! As a former mechanic and BlueSun Biodiesel employee and a current tinkerer, I'm looking forward to being an active member in this community.

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Is it DSG? Some people have commented that you have to pause for a split second or change how hard you press the accelerator before pressing on the accelerator or lifting off the brake. The DSG likes to not engage the clutch if you move just right. The most common situation in which people notice this behavior is when trying to dart into a gap in traffic because they quickly step on the accelerator...either that or it's the most memorable!
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