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1.8T tunned Golf vs heavily modded 1.9 golfTDI

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Who do you think will win 1.9 TDI heavily Golf modded vs a 1.8T golf modded?
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Yesterday, I raced against my friend 1.8T, for about 2 miles, he had bigger header, bigger turbo, chipped, diverter valve and so on, and I beat him, he said that his golf has 230HP, my Golf only had 208HP, at the end I was 2 car lenghts away, he could not believe his eyes.

I do not think the tires will count here I have bold tires in my Golf but I have an LSD, and he has nice tires all around his car, his car looks like a show car, really nice and clean, a beauty.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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