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I have an ongoing search for wiring pinouts for a maf sensor on a CFWA 1.2 TDI. I want to retrofit it on a 1.6 tdi.
The sensor has 4 wires. Does anyone have desecrations for each wire.
Wire colors, Pin 1: Black with yellow trace.
Pin 2: Green
Pin 3: Violet
Pin 4: Black
Asfar as I could find out the pin 1 is +12 volt the pin 2 looks like -12 volt and the pin 4 a +5 volt. Iam not sure about these wires does any member have details on what the function for each wire is.
Another question is can a sensor earth be joined with a chassis earth meaning that
if a sensor have a 12v negative chassis earth and a "ecu" 12 volt negative can it be joined?
Diagram of sensor:
Rectangle Font Parallel Schematic Engineering
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