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Hello All,

Had to make a account just because were at our wits end and cant figure it out.

about a month to 2 months ago my 06 VW Jetta TDI 1.9L took a dump while on the way to work, thankfully it was close to pulling into work so i was able to leave in the parking lot. A coworker has a buddy that's been working on getting the car back to working order for me and, in short we've had to replace the camshaft, lifters, Oil pump, Turbo (replaced with a refurb BorgWarner BV39), Turbo Actuator, N75 (boost Solenoid), and a intercooler hose. I no longer have any codes showing up, no more smoke coming out of the exhaust, and no more MFD warnings, However were running into the issue with the car getting any power from the turbo and cannot for the life of us figure out why, vacuum test shows fine. Hoping someone might be able to point..... Steer?? us into the right direction.

attached will be photos of everything from what was wrong, sounds the turbo was making that aren't there anymore and the actuator actuating (not sure if its actuating correctly)

thanks for all your help.


Camshaft- how we diagnosed it was screwy
my Vehicle-

lifters and all photos-

Actuator- sounds it was making
my Vehicle after replacement (we cannot figure out if it is actuating correctly)

Turbo- replaced due to my car looking like an old coal locomotive from the exhaust pipe
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