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06 Timing Belt/Camshaft seal replacement

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Hey I am in the middle of changing my Timing Belt on my 06 and got a camshaft seal in the kit that I bought. I am pretty mechanical but I am not sure how to realign the camshaft and sproket with the timing belt. And I assume I have to take off the sproket to replace the seal. Anyone know of a DIY thread where I can figure this all out.

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RE: camshaft seal can't be replaced without counterholding tool and sprocket puller. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/camshaft-inspection-replace-vw-tdi.htm Here is a writeup on how to replace the cam, it will give you an idea of how to remove the pulley to get to the seal. I rent the tools upon request so send a PM if interested.
Can the PD camshaft seal be replaced using a conventional seal puller OR does the #1 bearing cap have to be removed as I have read some are doing? I inspected my cam last weekend, the cam was fine however I did not like what I saw with the tensioner so I am doing an early timing belt change to get it all while I am in there. I have removed the cam spocket and hub (have the correct tools). I did not see a need to pull the valve cover since I inspected the cam last weekend so I have not removed it at this point. If pulling bearing cap #1 is the recommended method, do the cap bolts have to be replaced. I have read where others say "torque them to 15 lbs and call it a day". On a Nissan I use to own, during timing belt changes I took 2 small finish nails and bent the tips 90 degrees, the nails pierced the seal and hooked in behind it and allowed me to use even force and pull the seal out. Not sure I want to do that with the BEW.
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Done... I used my old Nissan trick. I used my 90 degree Makita drill and drilled 4 holes in the old seal. Then 2 picks with 90 degree bend at the tip (Home Depot cheapies), worked each pick in each hole 2 at a time and opposed 180 degrees while pulling, after a minute of working it around it pulled right out. Covered the key way with electrical tape and leveled the new spring style seal in the hole by hand, then gently drove the seal home with a 1 5/16 socket.
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Damn, that's a really cool trick! I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever have to try this
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