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I am pulling my wife's Bug trans out to finish the 5th gear and bearings repair, and thought I might should change the clutch.

What clutch brand should I look at? I am not a overly paid guy, so the best for the money is where I would like to look. I have heard of using a Corrado clutch even, but dont know about that.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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Not exactly the corrado clutch, the flywheel.

All 4 cyl vw share flywheel bolt patterns. The VW Corrado came with 4 and 6 cyl. The 4 cyl flywheel from the 4 cyl g60 engine on corrado has become a very common part since it's cheap and works on TDI.

I would suggest a clutch and pressure plate from a vr6 engine. They will bolt onto the 4 cyl flywheel and will hold more power than stock w/lighter pedal feel due to the lever arms on the pp. This is also a very common part.

While you're there, also change the clutch bearing (should come w/new kit) and clutch bearing lever, regrease the lever pivot ball head.
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