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'06 Jetta TDI Spring in oil filter housing?

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Had my son helping change the oil. He took out the filter and when he pulled the filter off the cap something went flying. There was an oil covered spring sitting where he saw the piece go. Unfortunately I was in the grease pit when this occured. Is there a spring that sits in the housing at the bottom of the oil filter? I think I might remember seeing one there last time we changed the oil but am not sure.
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All the newer ones have a spring loaded button that drains the oil out of the housing. It could have been the broken tip of the filter. Not sure if there's something different about the 06s.
I can't remember but I think there may be a spring in the cap or in the filter base for the drain door. The parts diagram shows no separate part available there. Can you take a pic of the spring? There is no big spring that sits in the bottom of the filter hosing that pushes the filter up.

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Here is a picture of the spring and one showing the housing with where I think I might have come from. It bounced off a friend and we found it under the car w/oil on it. Maybe it stuck to the bottom of the filter and came off when he pulled the cap off the filter?


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OK, think I got it figured out. I went back into the garage and found a plastic piece sitting near where we found the spring. It appears that it snaps into the cap of the filter housing and the spring we found goes between the cap and the plastic piece. Now the filter will snap into the cap like it is supposed to. He must have twisted or something to have the other parts come out while trying to pull the filter off the cap.

Could someone add a warning about this to the FAQ on changing the oil?
LOL. Sounds like fun. At least it didn't take out an eye!
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