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My wife’s ’06 Jetta has developed the dreaded DMF death rattle. So now I am looking at droping the trans, it’s a DSG, and replacing the flywheel.

Has anyone done this?
Anything special to look out for?
I understand it is a multi-disk clutch, how does this separate from the trans? Just unbolt and pull a part like a manual.?
Do I have to drop the suspension support cross member?

I just completed a manual trans R&R on my Audi TT quarto and this job doesn’t look nearly as complicated just the DSG to engine connection has me worried.



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Take a look at the writeup for the manual transmission removal, most of the same things apply. No need to drop the suspension support cross member

I haven't done it and if you do a writeup for it with step by step pictures and tips, not only will it help many others, it will qualify for the writeup contest. The prize is a $50 e gift certificate to and from the sponsor kermatdi.com. The Bentley doesn't say much about removing the DSG transmission.

From what I understand, it's possible to change the flywheel without totally removing the transmission. You have to remove the rad fan and axle to get clearance. Below is a pic from harvieux (with permission) showing this.

To remove the transmission you have to loosen the suspension arm for clearance.


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