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06 Jetta: Another oil dilemma!

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First off, I apologize to everyone for asking questions about what oil type to use in my 06 Jetta. I know it has been covered so many times. I have been reading posts about it for days on this and other sites. I have seen the many opinions on it etc. Reading all those posts on tdiclub make me want to sell this car quick. But it also made me even more indecisive about which oil to use.

I just bought this car a few months ago from a VW dealer. They did the last oil change and used the Castrol 5w30 that all my local dealers seem to be using. I believe it's 507.00? I have no idea what oil has been used in it prior to that. The car did only have 56,000 kms on it when I bought it. I have not checked for any wear on the cams. I am about 60,000 kms right now so I'm preparing for the 64,000 km service (40K mile service).

So anyway, I am looking for any updated opinions on which oil I should try using. My local TDI mechanic sells Lubro Moly and Total Quartz. I was told I can get 5w30 or 5w40 from him. He said they are recommending the 5w30 now. The dealers are all selling the Castrol SLX 5w30. I have read about some people using the Mobil 1 TDT, which I did see at Walmart. I am leaning towards 505.01 5w40 since it was the original spec oil and has the extra viscosity for protecting the camshaft.

So any opinions woud be appreciated. Thanks.
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You don't need 507 oil. Look at what your owner's manual says : 505.1 :) Many people say that because 5w-40 is thicker it's better. 30 is thinner and should give slightly better fuel economy. I would just use the oil and not check the camshaft until it's timing belt time. Drive more, worry less, especially since you are so worried you are about to sell the car.
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