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06 jetta 1.9tdi Timing belt snapped.

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first timer. hope someone can help.

1 month ago I brought my car in for service. Service was done but with problems- overfilled oil, warning lamp returned after few days etc.

brought it back and they redid oil, checked cat converter and said all ok.

warning lamp back on.

but now my timing belt is after going while i was driving.

there was no mention of the timing belt when i brought my car in.

102,000 miles on clock.

surely they should have told me if it needed replacing.

only happened today so have til tomorrow before i talk to garage.

devastated. who has 000's to fix job like that. raging cause would have got it done if i knew.

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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Sorry to hear the bad news.

They should have asked you if the timing belt has been changed as its due around 80k. Was it a VW dealer that did the service? If you had said I don't know if its been done they should have told you the consequences if it breaks and quoted you a price.
As Chitty says its going to be difficult to prove that the dealer didn't suggest a timing belt replacement unless you had a witness that heard the conversation.

You could try a negotiate a deal with them to do the job as cost price because they didn't advise you? You could contact VWOA and make a complaint?
If you're in need of assistance regarding the head though I hear a guy called franko6 on the tdiclub is supposed to be the go to guy for that sort of thing.
I think you'll find that franko6 is on here as well Niel.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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