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06 jetta 1.9tdi Timing belt snapped.

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first timer. hope someone can help.

1 month ago I brought my car in for service. Service was done but with problems- overfilled oil, warning lamp returned after few days etc.

brought it back and they redid oil, checked cat converter and said all ok.

warning lamp back on.

but now my timing belt is after going while i was driving.

there was no mention of the timing belt when i brought my car in.

102,000 miles on clock.

surely they should have told me if it needed replacing.

only happened today so have til tomorrow before i talk to garage.

devastated. who has 000's to fix job like that. raging cause would have got it done if i knew.

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Sorry to hear that. Normally garages are pretty good at suggesting maintenance since it drums up business for them. However, it will be difficult to get them to provide any compensation unless the last problem was related to the timing belt, which it sounds like it wasn't.

The engine will definitely need a new or rebuilt head. Check the cylinder protrusion as well to make sure the rods aren't bent. This is done by measuring with a dial gauge or at least a feeler gauge, how far the cylinder sticks up above the head. This determines what head gasket thickness you use.
The local garage I go to does list all suggested maintenance and when you sign the invoice, it lists everything that was suggested and declined.

I hope for your sake that the dealer will give you some negotiation under their goodwill.

"carry out diagnostic check with VW/Audi computer" just means scan for error codes. The timing belt is a mechanical device and will not give any error codes when it's about to break.

"all VW/Audi factory product improvements checked" just means check for any software updates or recalls. Timing belt falls under regular maintenance.

"carry out free VW/Audi Health check" this may cover the timing belt. This is probably your best bet.

Lastly, before you go any further, how sure are you that the timing belt is gone? 102,000 miles is beyond the interval but not by much.
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