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I offer this car for $2500 OBO, which includes the tools below (shop manuals have been added). An offer may be made for the car with none, some, or all of the tools listed.

The car is located in Troy, IL. It is 100% stock.

200xxx miles.
Except for the first change at 500 miles, the oil was changed every ~7500 miles, using Motul 5w40 50501 oil for all but the first year or so. I set the service interval to 7500 right after getting the car and have stuck with that interval.
I have not pulled the valve cover to inspect the camshaft lobes. I may do this and update the thread.
Timing belt replaced at ~160k miles, so there's about 40K miles left on the belt.

Except for the recent coolant leak (heater hoses are on the way), the car runs great. I bought it with 40 miles on it back in '06.
The front brakes are original, and seem to have quite a bit of life left. We did a lot of highway miles in this car. The rear pads were changed twice.
Clutch is also original.
The transmission fluid has never been changed. Still shifts properly.
Stereo sounds great. Holds 6 CDs full of MP3 music.
The Michelin tires have plenty of life left.
Locking wheel bolts have been replaced with standard OEM bolts, but I still have the locking bolts and their key.
The body is straight. There was damage to the hood lip and front bumper skin, but no damage to the structure of the car. And except for a small rust spot on the hood (due to the damage repair) the body appears to be free of rust. The car is blue.

I have some Motul oil and a few filters for the car (fuel, oil, maybe cabin). Those go with it in any case. It's not a lot of stuff.

Tools that I have for this car, included for negotiation.

HEX-CAN (Without laptop, you need to supply your own. This is the RS232 version.)
Assenmacher camshaft/crankshaft locking tool set. This covers the BRM as well as some other engines.
Bentley service manual (book).
I also have the eBaum DVD but I don't think it is transferable.

The following are the problems that I know about. There are plenty.

There is a small rust spot at the front edge of the hood, near the headlight. That is the result of a repair to the hood lip years ago which apparently wasn't sealed well enough. I can't find rust anywhere else on the car.
Normal chips in the windshield for the mileage of the car. Two star-breaks have been professionally repaired and have not spread.
There's some erosion of the paint in a few spots, for example the right-side window channel parts (whatever those are called) and the front edge of one of the rear door skins.
Similarly, the alloy wheels have scuffs and scrapes that you'd expect after 200K miles.
The EGR cooler is defective. The actuator broke (and the flap shaft is somewhat loose, but I don't know how tight it should be). I'm not going to fix this before getting rid of the car. The buyer might want to do a EGR cooler delete anyway.
The recirculate door motor is broken. The door is fixed in the outside-air position and the motor is unplugged. It would be pretty easy to replace, I just never bothered. Apparently this door flips to the inside-air position when you select reverse, and that behavior eventually wore out the gears in the actuator motor.
One of the rear door locks is defective. It (usually) does not lock upon request, so the door could be opened and the alarm would sound. Instead of replacing the lock assembly, I disconnected the outside handle so the door only opens from the inside. Again, the lock would be pretty easy to replace, but I never bothered.
The front seat covers are cracked. The driver side is cracked very badly. I put some cheap covers on them.
The headliner is falling down.
The buttons for the radio and such are losing their rubber skins.
The alternator is making a ticking noise. I think it's the pulley.

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Got my first offer on the car. I drove by Carmax today.

Their offer is $700. Of course that doesn't include any tools, or even the fluid and filters, but I'm sure I can sell the tools and maybe even the oil and filters.

That's the current best offer. If you think you can do better, I'm listening. Even though I did post the Carmax offer, please don't post offers directly in the thread. Use a PM please.

$700 is pretty good. The tires cost more than that, and have much more than half their life left.
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